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Die Springs

    Die springs with rectangular sections (simplified as mould springs) are mainly used for pressing moulds, metal casting moulds, plastic injection moulds as well as mechanical equipment with precise structure etc. The springs are mainly made of 50CrVA and characterized by smaller installation space, sound elasticity, excellent rigidity, high precision, rectangular material, surface coating or galvanization in different colors as well as graceful appearance etc. Currently our standard products have thousands of specifications for users'' option and mainly refer to Japanese standard B5012 (smaller load, light load, medium load, heavy load and super heavy load); US united standard (light load, medium load, heavy load and super heavy load); US ISO standard (light load, medium load, heavy load and super heavy load); and German standard ISO10243 (1S, 2S, 3S, 4S and 5S).

    Jiuguang mould springs have been elaborately made and strictly tested, ensuring each spring has excellent quality and ideal service life.


Mould springs and the frequency of use of the compression ratio

  Use 100 million Use 50 million Use 30 million


(Compression ratio:high degree of freedom %)
 Load a species smaller load 40.0 45.0 50.0  Yellow
light load 32.0 36.0 40.0 Blue
medium load 25.6 28.8 32.0 Red
heavy load 19.2 21.6 24.0  Green
super heavy load 16.0 18.0              Brown

Mould springs Geometry and load tolerance

Outside Diameter
Inside Diamete(mm) Free Height 0 <=50(mm) Free Height 0 >=50(mm) Load N(N) Rotating
0.0 +0.7 ±0.5 ±10%H 0 ±10%P N Right
-0.7 +0.1

Mould springs Max Compression

Types Max Compression
smaller load Free Height*58%
light load Free Height*48%
medium load Free Height*38%
heavy load Free Height*28%
super heavy load Free Height*24%


Mould springs to order 


  1.KF smaller load(Yellow)(click to view Detailed parameters)
  2.KL light load(Blow)(click to view Detailed parameters)
  3.KM medium load(Red)(click to view Detailed parameters)
  4.KH heavy load(Green)(click to view Detailed parameters)
  5.KB super heavy load(Brown)(click to view Detailed parameters)


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